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Prayer Request: pray for marriage restoration Prayer Request: pray for marriage restoration

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pray for marriage restoration (Oct 31, 2014)

Prayer Request:
Dear Pastor,I am a female aged 36. My husband filed a divorce against me.I do not want this divorce. I want our marriage to be restored in Jesus name. We both had internet addictions and wrongful relationships. We do not have kids. I had one ectopic pregnancy and it was removed in 2008. That was my first pregnancy.In 2009, I had two miscarriages. Then in 2010 fibrods were removed from my utreus.But I grew fat and ugly. There after, My husband did not had any sex with me. We lived like that. We both were addicted to internet chatting. Our ways fallen. I went for ayurvedic treatment.The young unmarried female dr.Anu, befriended my husband and then took him away. He left me in September 2012. In 2014 , I accepted Jesus, I got baptised and now I am praying. I do not want to stand before any court. The divorce case is before the court in India.I live in Singapore.I am working. But my work is such that, I have to conduct workshops and seminars. Now my lawywer in India says that I have to go to India to appear before court. I do not want that. It gives immense pain.I am under probation period in this new job.This is my income.I have not seen or contacted my husband for past two years.I need him. I know God hates divorce. But some pastors tell to me that "Pray, that the Will of God is done". Some say that "free will of your husband is important. If he doesn't want to come, then". But Pastor I believe "Lord is my shepherd. I shall not be in want". I shall lack nothing. God has joined us as man and wife, so no man can separate us. This is the word of God. My marital life is healed and restored, for By the stripes of Jesus, I am healed and Because my husband and me are one body, as I am baptized I am temple of Holy spirit. So no evil can touch me.Jesus is the head of church, in Jesus everyone is complete. My head is my husband, So Jesus will make me complete by restoring our marriage, in Jesus name. Can you please pray for me and restore our marriage in Jesus name. My name is Asha and my husband's name is Sony.I have accepted Jesus but my husband has not yet accepted christ.I want our marriage to be restored in Jesus name.Pray for us, please.

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