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The Pathway of Life Church Inc.
                                Church History

        Church History

      The Pathway of Life Church, Inc. originated in the mind of God. Pastor  Lindsey conceived it in his Spirit in the Fall of 2003 (October). This came after four years traveling on assignment of the Lord. As he  viewed that which was already going on in the Churches,  He received a better view of what God was saying. God gave him the message of the Church and what it would be and the work thereof. This work would not be a repeat of what has been, but "A New Beginning". It does not mean that everyone else is wrong, but that God has a special assignment for this ministry. Not an old thing made new, but a new work that edifies God while setting His people free from those things that binds.

      We have been reject on many hand by many because we have spoken that which has been hard to understand. The people has been blind to the Truth by those who should have been leading the way. Instead they have stood in the way of GOD'S work.
      We are showing the Way of Life that God has ordained, not just going along with  the traditions of men. That’s why we have so many division in the nature church, but not in the Spiritual Church. There can only be One Bride of Christ. One Spirit, One Word, One Lord, One GOD working after the counsel of His own will. 
     We were called to “ Ministry of Jehu”, not yet knowing exactly what that Call was, we carefully study the Word. After receiving a clear view of the message, we knew without a shadow of a doubt what JehuMinistries ® was all about;
     It’s a ministry which God’s has ordained to “Training Spiritual Warriors” to be more effective in this presence world teaching those principles which so many has neglected to share with the body of Christ. In doing so, the Body would be able grow unto maturity being well established in the presence Truth which has been hidden from the wise and prudent and now be revealed babes in Christ.
This is our Mission! This is our Purpose! This is Our History!