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   Discussion: Men as Leader
Jerry Lindsey · 9 years, 2 months ago

To cover your natural head means that you dishonors you spiritual head who is Jesus (the head of every man). Woman praying or prophesying with head (which is her husband, her pastor or her dad for example) uncovered (not recognized or respected) dishonored her own covering. 1. GOD is the covering of Jesus 2. Jesus is the covering of every man. 3. Man is the covering of every woman. 4. Woman covering is her hair. Woman has no authority to approach God with her covering(man. She has to recognized her husband if marriage. If not married then her pastor or father (natural or spiritual). Women must have the covering of a spiritual man. That's the reason a woman can't operate as pastor, that taking man place as headship of the woman. This is out of order. We lose our blessing because of this kind of stuff, where we think because of the law of the land that man and woman are equal, NOT so with GOD. Thanks for your question. Please feel free to write any time.

Thanks Pastor Lindsey

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